Portable Warehouses

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These buildings are built by Cook Portable Warehouses in Texas. This list features all the buildings we have on our lot as demonstrations. Size, color, and style can be mixed and matched and delivered straight to your location.

There are 2 options for purchasing one of these buildings. You can either buy it with straight cash or use the Rent-to-Own program. It is similar to financing a vehicle, we would take a down payment and from there you would make payments as normal. But, if for some reason you're not interested in it anymore you can return the building. Thus it's name, Rent-to-Own. 

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Barn 10x12

Lofted Barn 10x12

Lofted Barn 10x16

Lofted Barn 12x16

Lofted Barn 12x24

Garden Shed 10x12

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Utility 10x16

Utility 12x16